For the past few weeks we've been considering moving back to a monolithic repo for all of the IndieZen software. Guess what? Today's the day we pulled the trigger.

If you've been with us since the beginning, you might recall that we moved from multiple repositories to a single repository about 10 years ago.

For some unknown reason somebody *cough* (Tony) *cough* felt that individual repos might be better, so when we started working on IndieZen 2.0, we switched back to individual repos.

Now that appears to be a mistake. We lose the ability to have a single atomic commit, and merge requests get more difficult since quite often we don't change just a single library.

When interfaces change and all of the plugins that use that interface also need to be updated with the new interface, if you don't commit the changes all at once, things break spectacularly.

So, with that said, today is moving day. All of the open source and closed source projects are being moved into one single repo hosted privately.

I'm unsure what we're going to do with the publicly hosted repos on GitHub, but for now we're going to leave them where they are.

We'll be keeping a copy of the original repos around for awhile, so we don't lose the commit history (so I guess more accurately today is "copy" day, but "Moving Day" sounded better).