Indie Zen was founded in 2007, originally with the purpose of helping Indie game developers.

Indie 2.0 is indies helping themselves by creating their own tools, toolchains, game engines, and organizing themselves into a self-teaching, self-mentoring, self sufficient organizations that promotes collaboration and teamwork among Indie game developers, fostering an environment where we can help each other with the common things, leaving us with more free time to innovate. – Tony Richards, Founder, Indie Zen

The premise revolves around solving the problems that most consumer driven unicorn hunters fail to solve, and sharing those solutions with each other.

As the years have progressed, our purpose has expanded beyond game development.

Our mission is to better individuals and independent organizations through hardware and software and help drive the creation of an economically and socially just world. We bring together intelligent, creative, and passionate engineers, developers, and artists - we call ourselves Artisans - to bring this dream into reality.