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MetaZen - Part 2
Tony Richards

In a previous article, Thoughts on MetaZen, I showed a simple proof of concept web page backed by ZScript, but as a proof of concept it wasn't intended to be a fully designed application.

Today I'll give a few more details and fix a few mistakes I discovered in the initial design.

Thoughts on MetaZen
Tony Richards

In the closing of my What is MetaZen? article I promised I'd share some of our progress on MetaZen, so this week I'm going to tie in some of the last few weeks of Reactive by Example with a MetaZen proof of concept.

Reactive by Example: Part 2
Tony Richards

In the previous article I explained what I mean when I say Reactive.

In this article I'm going to dig a little deeper and get a little more concrete with a simple example.

Reactive by Example: Part 1
Tony Richards

MetaZen provides software architects and designers with a way to defer some of the more important architectural decisions for a project.

Curiously, by deferring these decisions, we make them less important, and as a result the truly important decisions receive the proper attention they deserve.

This next series of articles are about one of these decisions… are you going to utilize reactive components in your design?

In order to explore the answer to this question, first one must be able to answer another question:

What is Reactive?

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