What do we do?

We create awesome software, inside and out

Team Building

Already have a good team of software developers?

We can help them achieve their full potential and make them GREAT!

We can ascertain where your team has room for growth and provide solutions such as scheduling motivational guest speakers, organizing group events, and providing mentors for the team and/or individuals.

We can help organize your team to maximize efficiency, and help you bring in high quality talented artisans if your team needs to expand.

Ninja Coding

Do you have an immediate need for a top quality talented developer who can come in and solve a specific problem, or help you recover from missed deadlines?

We have highly intelligent developers who can quickly understand and solve even the toughest problems, whether the problem is coding, development process, training, infrastructure, or you need help managing a particularly difficult situation.

Although nobody can go back in time to meet a missed deadline, we can help you improve your process and look forward to meeting future deadlines.

Brownfield Development

Do you have an aging code base and you’re having trouble finding people who can add features without breaking everything?

Our developers know many architectures and languages, ancient to bleeding edge and everything in between. We understand where you came from, and we’re ready to help you get to where you want to go.

We can refactor your existing code base, enhance and automate testing, and reduce the entropy that causes software to be fragile and difficult to maintain.

Greenfield Development

Do you have a new project? Are you re-creating an existing product, or creating something completely new?

We understand the risks associated with Greenfield projects. We can help you identify and mitigate the highest risks. We can provide you with a complete team of developers that have already done what you’re trying to do, and we can help you hire the developers that will maintain the project once we are finished.

Who are we?

We are industry leading world class developers
We are software artisans, and we love what we do.

By the time we have completed your project, you will love what we do, too.

Our team is intelligent, creative, and passionate. We have many years of experience delivering software solutions and providing technical leadership for a variety of industries using a diverse set of architectures.

We are committed to delivering your project with integrity, professionalism, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

  • Accurate and timely

    We pride ourselves in our commitment to excellence, consistently delivering high quality software on time.

  • Balanced, Creative, Energetic

    Our individual developers have a median of 20 years of experience, while our development teams mix youthful energy with seasoned veterans, providing you with a balanced, creative, energetic resource.

  • We speak your language

    Our developers are all polygots; we speak your language, we're familiar with your architecture, and we can provide expertise in your industry.

  • Talent you need
    at the price you desire

    Our unique approach to software development allows us to leverage the most talented developers in America with increased efficiency, and we pass the cost savings on to you.