February 3, 2016

Custom Software Development and Consulting

We create awesome software, inside and out

What we do at Indie Zen

Our unique management and development models cater to the strengths of our highly talented experts, providing them with everything they require and facilitating the delivery of everything you require.

We attract and retain some of the happiest and most productive software artisans in the world.

We specialize in:

  • Web Application Development
    • Aurelia
    • ASP.NET
    • Grails
    • Ruby on Rails
    • AngularJS
    • BackboneJS
    • Node.js
    • JBoss Seam
    • Apache Sling
  • Development Process implementation and training
    • Agile
    • Waterfall
    • Extreme programming
    • DevOps
    • Test Driven / Acceptance Test Driven
  • Mobile Application Development
    • Sencha Touch
    • Titanium
    • Unity3d
  • Cloud Application Development

Our developers are skilled in using most of the common programming languages such as Java, C#, PHP, Ruby, Python, Lisp, C++, and JavaScript, as well as many less common languages.